1313972957415418148howling-wolf-silhouette-psd38709-md ~ Policy Guide ~ 1313972957415418148howling-wolf-silhouette-psd38709-md-1
All policies are to be read by future soldiers of Camp Jupiter. To ensure a safe and pleasureable environment, we ask every camper to follow the policies. 
Enjoy Your Adventures at Camp Jupiter

General RulesEdit

  • The requester should be an admin of the requesting wikia. Please remember that affiliations calls for advertisement - we advertise you and you advertise us.
  • The wikia should have at least one active admin who has made an edit within the past week. 
  • The wikia should contain at least more than 50 pages, not including stub articles. 
  • The wikia should have a categorized structure. It should be easy to locate pages and move around. Every content page should have a category. 
  • The wikia should not be in the middle of an argument or choosing a new admin. It should be a friendly environment for all.

If your wikia meets the criteria, please make sure to apply here. 

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