This character belongs to Vulpec

Age 16
Parent Vulcan
Cohort Fourth
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue


Alexandra was born to a daughter of Bacchus and Vulcan. Her... affliction is the result of a curse Bacchus placed on his own daughter when she angered him, and often resulted in Alexandra being ostracised by those that met her. She was born and raised in New Rome, and so has always known about her heritige. When she was thirteen Lupa sent her wolves to the city to bring Alexandra to her, so she could decide whether her affliction made unsuitable for the Camp. She remained at teh Wolf House for three years, and has only recently returned to Camp.


Alexandra is odd, even for a Demi-god. She hears voices, and much of what she says is hard to understand. She often refers to the gods in abstract ways, such as the fleet-footed-God being used for Mercury, and will often refer to other Demi-gods in the same manner, even if she knows their name. She is, on the whole, a friendly person, and tries not to let herself get angry when others insult her.

Equipment and BelongingsEdit

A short sword forged from an alloy of Imperial Gold, Celestial Bronze, and silver.

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