Alexzandra Von Scream

Alexzandra Von Scream

This char is RP'ed by Cynderheart

Name:  Alexzandra von Scream

Gender: female 

Age: 16 

Godly Parent : Trivia 

Cohort : five 

Appearance: Black hair and brown eyes

Personality: multipe personalities 

History:  Her dad is John von Scream. She originally lived in Kansas, then she moved to California. Her dad had gotten a job there as a loyer.  She went to school there but all the teachers there treated her like any other student. She loves to go in her back yard everyday after school.  She only had one friend in the school she goes to now, she didn't have any when she was in Kansas. 

Weapons: a long black staff. 

Trivia Tattoo

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