Amber Roads
Full Name Amber Bea Roads
God Parent Ceres
Cohort Second
Age 15
Birthday May 1st
Family Mark Roads (a.k.a. Pop)
Siblings Allie Smith (Half-Sister)

Alexis Ivanov (Half-Brother)

Friends Unmentioned
Boyfriend None


When Amber was born, her father had no clue. Ceres (or whichever god parent you give her) had dropped her off in the middle of a crops field. The owner of the farm's dog found her and raised her. Pop, as she called him, taught her how to go crops when she was as little as 4 years old. On her 6th birthday, Pop got her an acre of land, just for her. She remembers making a tiny garden and building a little hut out of sticks and planks. When she was 12, she remembers getting her first two horses to put on her land, there names were Jet and Pie. One year later when she was 13, a person comes and takes her to the Wolf House. When she was claimed (or something) she immediately made a garden outside her cohort's cabin. She soon began to make thousands of friends.


Amber is super kind and out-going. She loves to socialize, but is precautious when she notices someone suspicious. She loves to bake and cares for her garden everyday.

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