Apollo's Daughter


Her mother, Frida, met Apollo while in Rome. She was on an excavation mission, but he sidetracked her. She fell for him, but she was alone in that. And everything else. When she found she was pregnant, Frida was excited- and scared. She wasn't sure how her daughter would live with one parent Andromeda was born nine months later, a healthy beautiful little girl.

Frida never heard from Apollo again. She raised Andy on her own, not bothering to looking for a man for help. Andy was raised to be kind, but independent. And she was. When she got her information about being a demigoddess, she welcomed her father with open arms. She looked to become a huntress of her aunt, Diana (Artemis) as well, loving the art of a bow. she also has a pet fox, having been taking care of it by herself without her mother's permission since she found it without a mother, and with a huge wound. Soon, her mother found out, and approved it. She named the fox Roxy, and they go everywhere together.


Andy is a tough, independent girl. At first it may seem like she hates people with a passion, which she does.  She generally hates humanity and where they have gone. She'll still try to make a good impression, unless you annoy her in any way. She's a glass-half-full girl when it comes to herself and what she can do, and she can be easy to talk to, once she gets used to you being around. She's generally sweet, and caring, and helpful, would come to your aid whether you admit you need it or not, and she helps everybody. Not to say she's perfect. She isn't close. She's unusual and weird and very anti-social.



  • She's allergic to honey, and bees.
  • Being the daughter of Apollo, she's a natural musician and singer. She also has some abilities that she's still finding out about.
  • She is a Huntress of Diana.
  • She has a pet fox named Roxanne Zeva. She nicknamed her Roxy for short.
  • She uses a bow, throwing knives, and a short sword. She uses the bow and short sword the most.
  • Her model is Nicola Peltz.
  • She is Role-Played by Lissy.


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