Ashna "Ashy" Sills
The Girl Who Couldn't Stop Winning
Birthday and Age April 18th, 1997 - 16
Parents Xavier Sills - Father

Victoria - Mother

Siblings Sierra Chase (Half-Sister)

Sabra Manning (Half-Sister)

Elisabeth 'Lizzy' Falls (Half-Sister)

Cohort 5th
Best Friend Kyeo Ul Choi (Juliet)
Other Friends None Yet
Boyfriend None Yet


As a kid, she had no idea that her mom was a goddess. Her father told her that she died when she was a couple months old. She became suspicious of her father when she was 9 and confronted him. He told her everything and she went to Camp Jupiter to meet her half-brothers and sisters. She started training about 3 days later.


She is has red hair and teal eyes. She has pale skin and a rose tattoo on her shoulder.


She is competitive, yet sweet, and loves to win. She isn't exactly a swore loser though. SPQR

Victoria Tattoo


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