Isabella Victoria Allamari

Child of Fortuna

Vital Statistics

Born July 14th
Age 18
Family Veronica Allamari
Gender Female
Species Demigod
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Education Camp Jupiter
Powers Here

Fortuna Tattoo

Now I can't say much about my parents meeting, but I know. I lived in a orphanage forever. Mrs. Katrine Allamari took care of me and even adopted me, which is how I took on the last name Allamari instead of Lesterie. All I could say about my father, who's name is Daniel Ross Lesterie is that he abandoned 2 kids. Me and my sister Veronica. Veronica and I are both demigods, and I'll explain how we got here right now. Veronica and me were out in the woods one October morning, when we heard a noise. I flipped and said we should go back, but Veronica headed towards the crumbling of leaves and the cracking of twigs. I saw a tail sticking from behind a large tree with a thin trunk. I walked around the thin tree carefully, trying not to make noise. When I succeeded I saw a she-wolf. Hello she said to me Isabella and Veronica Allamari. Me and Veronica stared at her as she explained our history to a 10 year old and a 8 year old. She explained who our mother was and she explained why we were who we were and that we'd have to go with her. She brought us to a sleek cabin, which looked fairly old and it was quite small, but she took hold of our hands and she told us where to go. Luckily, 8 year old Veronica remembered and we arrived at camp safely, well almost safely. We got to the overhead highway and we jumped down onto a small ledge leading to the street quickly. There were 2 people standing at a entrance to something, which was camp. They lead me and Veronica in quietly and safely. Veronica had a bruise from falling off the thin, rock ledge. Soon Fortuna appeared Hail, Veronica and Isabella Allamari, children of Fortuna.

+ Crazy
- Funny
Bella is a hyper and fun girl. She's used to running around and jumping, as thats all she did as a child and all the way into her teen years. .


  • Bella's face claim is Ashley Benson.


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