Personality: Bonnie isn't a serious flirt. She occasionally does flirt, but she doesn't do it often. Unlike most Venus children, Bonnie loves to train and fight. She is tempermental, crafty, and seductive. But Bonnie is mainly known, for her sarcasm, intelligence, beauty, and motherly nature. History: Venus met Angelo Valentine, at a café, in Malibu, California. Angelo (at that time 22)  was a very handsome man, but his charm and intelligence was what bought Venus' attention. Venus, posed as a 20 year old waitress working their. Angelo was pleased by how Venus looked, and he found out how beautiful she was inside, like how she was out. Angelo and Venus began to date, and things escalated and soon they were married. After a week of being married, Venus soon discovered she was impregnated, and quickly told Angelo the news. Angelo was pleased, and began preparing for the arrival or their daughter. A month before Venus had Bonnie, Angelo died in train wreck on his way to San Francisco. Venus, alone, took the child to Olympus and gave birth to her there. Venus named Bonnie, after Angelo's grandmother. Venus wanted to keep Bonita with her, but had to let her go. She left Bonnie at the doorsteps of a couple, who couldn't have children. When Bonnie turned five, Venus made a path for her to go on to the Wolf House. Lupa raised Bonnie for alittle bit tell Bonnie was ready. Before Bonnie left the Wolf House, the age of ten, Lupa said to her that she was the strongest woman, she ha  had. Bonnie then left to Camp Jupiter. The First Cohort, chose Bonnie because of the way she fought. A little after arriving, Venus gave Bonnie an Electric Spear and Bracelets, but when the bracelets made contact with each other, they would form a force field. (The force field is a big circle that protects her torso and face.)

Weapons: Electric Spear and Celestial Bronze Force Field Braclets 

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