Roleplayed by: Time

Carolyn Scott
Aquilon Tattoo

Daughter of Aquilon/Member of the Second Cohort


"It's not all just about fun and games, we need to take things seriously. Because before you know it, everything will be gone."
Carolyn Rose Scott
Age 17
Gender Female
Godly Parent Aquilon
Cohort Second
Hair Color Blonde/Brown
Eye Color Brown
Nationality German
Height 5'9
Weight 127
Status Alive
Relationship Status Single
Family Carol-Mother


Other Children of Aquilon

Birthday February 17th
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapon Short sword


Carolyn was born in Germany to Carol Scott, she was a healthy baby and was strong too. But sadly her mother had died during child birth, leaving Carolyn an orphan.

Carolyn was sent to an Orphanage in Germany when she was just a baby, it was though a very good and well taken care of Orphanage. Carolyn had her own care taker and nanny, very rare for any orphanage.

Carolyn was raised in the orphanage for 7 years of her life, she was raised very good and was taken care of. She was trained in fencing and the arts, learning how to sew and knit. She had many special talents and was a very good child indeed.

When she turned 8, the orphanage had caught on fire and everyone was trapped inside. She had managed to escape, but couldn't get the others out. So she ran away while the fire-men came, running into the dark night.

She had stowed away on a ship, eating what food she could find and changing into some clothes she had found in a crate. After what seemed like weeks, the boat had docked in California and she got off.

San Francisco was where the boat had landed, and she was found by Lupa's wolves. She was taken to The Wolf House and trained for 2 years. She didn't know English and she had to be taught by Lupa, she was able to learn how to sword fight pretty easy because of the fencing she had took at the Orphanage.

She then was sent into Camp Jupiter and was put into the Seoond Cohort and claimed by Aquilon within a week, she has been at camp ever since and has made a few friends. But not a lot.


Carolyn uses a short sword made from Imperial Gold, it has diamonds fused into the hilt and is a very sharp sword. The hilt is made from wood and is very strong and glossy, she keeps it in good condition.



Carolyn Smile

Carolyn is known to have a happy personality, she likes ot look on the bright side of things and doesn't tend to push others down. She might come off as mean at first, but she'll lighten up once she gets to know you.

She doesn't like it when people flirt with her, and would rather be friends first instead of rushing into a relationship. She likes to takes things slow and take her time, seeing how things would work out.

Carolyn also knows how to speak German, and plays the violin very well. She was also a gymnast and is very flexible. She can adapt to new places very well and is easy to make friends with.

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