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Children of Pluto

Pluto is the god of death and the underworld. He is quite scary at first sight and lurks in his underworld with his dog, Cerberus. He commands respect, although in a very different way to the other gods.

His LegaciesEdit

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  1. Virgil Belmonte
  2. Damon Campbell
  3. Lucas Edge
  4. Kiro Katsune
  5. Willow Vega
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1) Children of Pluto have the ability to resurrect a single undead corpse which will fight, mindlessly, along side them until it is broken down or dismissed.
2) Children of Pluto can create very small fissure in the ground which spew small amounts of hell-fire for a few moments before closing.
1) Children of Pluto have the ability to create a small tremor which topples everyone nearby off their feet.
2) Children of Pluto can bend shadows around them, concealing them for a short time.
1) Children of Pluto have the innate ability to vanquish undead with a single attack.
2) Children of Pluto can sense when a mortal or half-blood that they know has died through a "buzzing" in their ears.
3) Children of Pluto are able to communicate with the dead.
1) Children of Pluto have the ability to Shadow Travel, a sort of teleportation; the further the distance, the more energy drained.
2) Children of Pluto have a heightened control over undead and can usurp dominance from others who control undead.
Two Months After Camper is Claimed-
1) Children of Pluto can cause someone to feel as if they are trapped in a coffin for a short time, unable to move, however while the user is maintaining the hold, they themselves also can't move to attack
Four Months After Camper is Claimed-
1) Children of Pluto have the ability to summon a large group of undead, about ten, which can then be controlled by the mind of their summoner; the longer they are summoned, the more the summoner is drained.
Sixth Months After Camper is Claimed-
1) Children of Pluto can for a short time, enhance their weapons, or the weapons of allies, with a diamond coating that makes them unbreakable and stronger, this only lasts for a short time.
1) Children of Pluto radiate death.

2) Children of Pluto tend to have dark attitudes.

3) Children of Pluto like shadowy places.

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