This page is only a proposal.

What are we looking for in a claim?Edit

It has come to my attention that the admin team does not have a specific standard when it comes to claiming demigods. Now, I have formulated some suggestions of what should be included in a claim when making one.

(Mostly, it is focused on history)

1. When making the character's history, please make sure it's not only a one-paragraph history. What do we get with a one paragraph claim?

2. The history should consist of how the parents met and how the demigod got to the wolfhouse.

3. Please do remember that MINERVA, unlike Athena in Greek myth, cannot have children so please refrain from putting her into one of the godly parent choices.

4.Users must at least try their best to have correct grammar.

5. Of course, make sure the face claim isn't used yet.

6. Godly parents and mortal parents CANNOT get married. No exemptions.

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