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Dawn Guinevere Ives
Eye Color Blue/Grey
Hair Color Brown/Brunette
Height Five feet, eight inches
Gender Female
Birthday July 14, 1999
Age 15
Nationality American
Accent None
Language(s) English, Basic Spanish
Home Camp Jupiter
Family Arcus
Handedness Right
Weapon Twin daggers
Cohort Fifth Cohorts
Title(s) The Adventurer

About DawnEdit

Dawn Guinevere Ives is a child of Arcus placed in the fifth cohort.


Dawn has been alone for the majority of her life; she knows how it feels to be rejected after her father abandoned her at a very young age in NYC. She was found by an old couple, who soon also gave her up saying she gave off a strange feeling that made them feel uneasy. It went on in a similar vein, until Dawn herself gave up and stayed alone at the age of nine.

How she survived on the street with meagre amounts of money given by sympathetic people, she doesn’t remember. Eventually, she found a pack of grey flecked wolves who looked after her before taking her to Lupa, to the wolf house.

Lupa spent a couple of days nursing her to health, before sending her to camp.


Dawn is a chirpy girl, and very bouncy indeed. She has a funny nature and won’t refuse any inkling of an adventure because she loves them; she’s like an adventure attractor as well as a trouble attractor. She’s great fun when you get to know her, she’ll go wherever she wants to because she has no fear. She can’t be turned when she’s made her decision, and this stubbornness has put her in danger many times. She hates being laughed at or not taken seriously due to her lighthearted nature, and will do almost anything to prove herself.


Hometown: New York City, New York

Raised: Abandoned, all alone most of her life. Got by with small amounts of money and occasional stealing from hot dog stands and such.

Other family: Unknown

Fears: Arsonphobia - Fear of fire


Her model's Šárka Cojocarová. Dawn is a pretty brunette, quite pale, although not absurdly so- she can look a little peaky sometimes when she’s actually just fine, causing many campers to swarm around her in concern for her health before they know her. In fact, it can be rather deceiving because she rarely gets ill, and this joyful, chirpy bundle of fun makes sure everyone knows it. She looks quite young, which she is, and her pretty grey blue eyes are a complimentary feature. She is fairly tall for her age, which is often commented on by strangers and friends alike.



Word BubbleEdit


Dawn - Fifth Cohort
-The Adventurer

 Age: 15  Height: 5'8"  Weight: 112 lbs
 Nationality/Accent: American Health Status: Alive
 Weapon: IG Sword and twin daggers
 – "I will never give up on what I believe in. You can take my life, but you'll never take away who I am."

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