"Flowers anyone?"
Parents Ceres (Mom)

Henry Danuels (Father)

Age 11
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Emma Danuels - The 5th One
-Flower Girl

 Age: 11  Height: 4.5  Weight: 65
 Sexuality: Straight
 Relationship Status: Single
 Health Status: Healthy
 Weapon: None
 – "Flowers are meant to taken care of, they need love, light and water, their just like people in their own way.'



Her father was a organ donor, his name being Henry. Henry's nurse was amazing beautiful and sweet. The nurse being Ceres or as he called her, Lisa. Ceres and Henry got along well for many days until they started to date. But when Ceres announced she was pregnant to Henry, he died suddenly of a heart attack.

So Emma was raised by her older half sister Jacy. Jacy hated Emma very much so one day, Emma ran away becuase she was being mistreated by Jacy. She ran away when she was 9, and lived on the streets for 2 years until a former camper named Julia saver her life when a Cycolp attacked her. She never forgot about Julia, so she made  her a grave. Julia was a daughter of Pluto, while saving the young girl she ened up being killed. About a week after, Emma went to camp..


She's a quiet and sweet girl. She is very lovable, overall she loves the outdoors and she's very gentle. She also friendly and poliet. She isn't very mean, but she is very shy and she does not like to talk to people. She is not a queen bee at all, she is in the middle of the food change. She is very funny and nice.

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