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Fabien Vauclain
76179 original
Son of Apollo
Hyper Boy
Basic Info
Gender male
Date of Birth May 11, 1997
Age 17
Cohort Fourth Cohort
Family Apollo (father)
Hilaire Vauclain (mother)
Status alive
Eye Color blue
Hair Color brown
Height 5'10"
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapons Bow and Arrow
Species demigod
Home Paris, France
Quests none


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Fabien is hyper. He loves to make people smile and laugh. He is a very jolly person. He is friendly but when it comes to girls, oh please, don't count on it. Girls make him nervous. When he's in front of one, almost everything gets ruined. But that's only when he meets a girl for the first time. Eventually, he'll learn to get along with them but still his humor isn't that good when it comes to girls.


Fabien was born in The City of Love or Paris, France. Apollo was touring the place checking out if Paris really is the City of Love. There he met Hilaire Vauclain, Fabien's mother.

Like all deities, they leave their family even before the baby is born. But before Apollo left, he already told Hilaire his identity and that one day she'd have to get Fabien to a camp for half-bloods. There he would be safe. When Fabien was five, he was diagnosed of ADHD, well that sort of explains the hyper activity. Three years after that, he was diagnosed of dyslexia. Despite the inability to read and write, he was still the class clown. His classmates and teachers loved his humor except for a bully named Corvin. He wanted the attention for himself so he always tried to mess up Fabien's life. But Fabien seemed to always figure a way out of Corvin's tricks.

Fabien turned ten and Corvin could not take him anymore. Fabien and his mother were on their way to Argentina to visit Hilaire's parents and when they finally went to the airport, Corvin and his gang snatched Fabien away and put him aboard another plane. The plane where they put him was going to the US. He got separated from his mother having only his bag with his clothes in it. The night when he arrived in the American soil, Lupa and her pack found him and brought him to the Wolf House to train him and prepare him for his journey in finding his way to Camp Jupiter.

He got stronger, braver, smarter in other words, he got A LOT better after training. He was sent out after a year and was on his way to find Camp Jupiter. Conquer or die. 

Apollo Tattoo

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