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All policies are to be read by future authors writing for Camp Jupiter. To ensure a safe and pleasurable environment, we ask every author to follow the policies.
Enjoy Writing at Camp Jupiter

In our endeavor to make our wikia a secure and safe place to roleplay, we ask all members to act in an appropriate and mature manner. Warnings and bans will be given if needed and these exemptions will not have prior notice or such.

General Policy-Edit

  • All fanfictions have to be linked to Camp Jupiter, whether it be some sci-fy mystery series using our characters or even a fanfiction of our characters on a quest. 
  • Chapters or Main Pages that belong to another author can't be edited, even for small details such as spelling and grammar unless they're granted permission from the author. 
  • Please make sure to put the "Censor Template" on chapters/series that include sexual or over-vulgar language. 
  • Please make sure to put the correct categories on your fanfictions seires/chaptersto make sure that our Fanfiction Portal stays organized. 

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