The Demiviewers are a group of users from our community, who strive to give constructive reviews on fanfictions written by the users on our wiki. With this in mind, the Demiviewers hope to give these fanon a boost of popularity with reviews either published on blogs or The Mercury Post.

To apply for a review, please click here.

Current Demiviewers Edit

Reviews any type of writing with detailed information. Specializes in complex and descriptive fan fictions, mostly series. Active

To request a review of your fanfiction, please make sure to type in your story's title and the words, "Review Application" with a dash in between them.

(Ex: The Day of Expectations - Review Application)

Fanfiction TitleLast EditLast Editor

Reviews will be posted weekly by requesters. They are a method to spark some interest in users, urging them to read your fanfiction. The Demiviewers have guidelines that must be achieved before applying your fanfiction for reviewing.

1) Please make sure your fanfiction is a well detailed and grammatically correct story. We do appreciate professionalism on this wiki and would be grateful if you would too.

2) We do tend to review completed fanfictions, but if yours isn't finish, please make sure you have at least three medium-lengthed chapters.

3) Please make sure that your series has a neat and organized main page. It should list all the chapters in chronological order and include all the necessary details.

4) Please make sure that your series has at least ten comments added up together throughout your chapters.

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