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Welcome to Regere Juventúte. Here, we believe that us "demigods" should rise to power and take from our parents what is rightfully ours. Join us and help us take down the Dii Consentes and rule in our rightful places.

To begin, please enter in your character's name and click the "State Your Name" button. You will receive a quiz as well as other questions. Bold your answers, except for the last question and click the publish button.

CharacterLast EditLast Editor

Ad æqualitate Mortalium - 0
Moveatur Solio - 0
Super Proiciente - 0

Venus - 0
Jupiter - 0
Juventas - 0
Nemesis - 0
Arcus - 0
Ceres - 0
Apollo - 0
Fortuna - 0
Vulcan - 0
Mars - 0
Mercury - 0
Aquilon - 0
Somnus - 0
Pluto - 0
Bellona - 0
Bacchus - 0
Trivia - 0
Neptune - 0

CharacterLast EditClaimed By

CharacterLast EditDenied By

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