Holly Martin

Daughter of Mercury

Second Cohort

Roleplayed by: AlphaDolphin19

Holly Martin
Birth Date November 5th
Home Town Niagara Falls, Ontario
Godly Parent Mercury
Age 16
Cohort Second
Pet none (currently)
Hair Strawberry Blonde/Red
Eyes Green
Height 5'7
Mother Hannah Martin
Father Mercury
Sibling(s) Violet Martin
God Mercury
Cohort Second


+kind, smart
-un-social, unwilling to talk

Holly is a very quiet person. She doesn't talk to people, instead choosing to communicate via her notebook. She's also very un-social, so most people at camp have no clue who she is. She's skittish and very nervous, earning her the nick name mouse. But if you preserve and talk to her a lot, you will slowly but surely break through her shell and see that inside she's actually really kind and smart.


Violet and Holly mother, Hannah, met Mercury on a plane. Hannah was a pilot, and Mercury was supposibly the co-pilot. They talked through the long flight, and Hannah slowly fell in love with him. (yes, this does sound kind of cheesy). After the flight, they went for a drink and got pretty drunk. The rest of the night was very hazy, but she did remember a snake hiss. The next day, he disapeered. A couple months later, she found that she was pregnant. When she gave birth, she did to twins. She named them Violet and Holly.

Violet and Holly grew up in Ontario, where there grandparents were. As their mother was a pilot, they didn't see her often. Their grandparents raised them mostly. Their grandparents lived way in the country, so they didn't think anything of the freak accidents that happened. However, when school started, everything changed. On the first day, Holly accidentally broke the teachers arm, giving them the reputation of freaks. Soon after, they were diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, and Holly was also diagnosed with mild Autisum.

As they got older, the acccidents got worse, with Holly's being the worser of the two. Holly didn't like to talk to people. Eventually, when the girls were eight, Holly was sent to a special home. At the special home, she was treated horribly. They were supposed to be taking care of her, but instead they abbused her and the other kids. They abused her so much she has scars all over her body. She became a mute and wouldn't talk to anybody. Everynight she asked god in her head to help her, just in case he did excist. After 2 years of this, she was switched to another home, but switched bak after a year. And the abusing started again. When she turned 15, the wolves came. She spent a year at the wolves before leaving, getting to camp about a month before her sister.


Hometown Niagrra Falls, Ontario
Type of Childhood Horrible
Earliest Memory Her mother's face

General InfoEdit

Pets None (currently)
Likes Reading, Writing
Fears Large amounts of People
Hobbies Writing, Drawing
Comfort Food(s) brownies
Immediate Goals Meet some people, make some friends
Long Term Goals










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