Hunter Lane

Son of Aquilion

Second Cohort

Roleplayed by: Wolfboy

Hunter Lane
Birth Date November 11th
Godly Parent Mars
Home Town Sdyney, Australia
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Mother Hannah Lane
Father Aquilion
Siblings none
Cohort Second
God Aquilion

Aquilon Tattoo


Hunter is a curious, quiet person. He doesn't really go out of his way to talk to people, but if they talk to him first, he will respond. However, if you threaten one of his friends, watch out!


Aquilion met Hunter's mother, Helen at a university. Helen, who was a daughter of the greek goddess Athena, was a student at the university, studying physics. Aquilion, under the name "Jason", was also a student in the class. They were put together to do a project. As they were working together, they slowly fell in love. After they finished, they went out on a couple dates. On their last one, they got drunk, and "jason" disappeared. Helen graduated from college, only to find that she was pregnant: with twins. However, when the twins were born, his twin disappeared. His mother was devastated.

When Hunter was 4, his mother got a job offer in Australia to be a professor. She accepted, and they moved to Sydney, Australia. Hunter spent his time in the library, reading, when his mom was teaching. When he was 5, his mother decided to get him a tutor rather than send him to public school. His tutor, (who was a former praetor on the legion) was named George. George regonized Hunter almost instantly as a demigod, but kept it to himself. He taught Hunter many things. When Hunter turned 6, George decided to try to find out who he was a son of. He introduced Hunter to many activities, including football (soccer), computer coding, sailing, and fencing. None worked, until George introduced him to flying rc helicopters. He loved it, and was amazing at it. Even though he just started it, he could make things people who had done it for many years could do. George knew then he was a son of Aquilion, and began to talk to Helen about it. George and Helen slowly fell in love and deciced to get married when Hunter was 10.

Then the monster attacks started. George kept him safe every time, and made up an excuse for it. But Hunter started to doubt all the excuses he made. After many years of the attacks, he stumbled apon a monster without George. The monster easily cornered him, then Hunter began to advise him to not attack. As the monster died, he asked who the monster was, to which he replied, "Cyclops." Hunter went home and openly asked about the cyclops, and George deciced that it was time to send him to lupa. George did, with a letter of introduction from himself. Lupa trained him, and then sent him to Camp Jupiter with the letter, which he did.


Hometown Sdyney
Type of Childhood Good
Earliest Memory His mom at a library

General InfoEdit

Likes Books, Quiet places
Dislikes Boredom
Hobbies Drawing, Reading
Comfort Food(s) blueberry smoothies
Immediate Goals Make friends
Long Term Goals Meet his dad






Friends Edit

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