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Juliet - 4th
-Lucky Winner

 Age: 17  Height: 5.8  Weight: N\a
 Nationality/Accent: American Health Status: Well, alive
 Weapon: Luck

"You can lose, but i can't.'


Her mother Fortuna or aka Isabel was a world famous poker player, her father was the bartener of where they were playing,  She ended up drinking galloens of the stuff and kissed the bartener. Her dad, Jonathon instaly liked her, so he left her kiss him. 

By the end of the night, the two were so drunk so they slept together. He ended up wining the lottery and then moving into a big mansion. He married a women named Patirica, but when Juliet was born on April 5, Jon ened up puting her up for adoption, becuase of Patrica's orders.

So she went to the one house to the other all of the her childhood. She never remebered her father. She was always the luckiest of kids, always winging bets and never losing money. So the other kids repsected her as the 'all time winner'. She was never bullied or haressed by anyone else, becuase she would beat them at cards or any other board game.

She was then got attacked by a monster at the age 11. But a boy saved her, mysteriously, but he said his name was Will Highland and she ened up liking him, he was a son of Neptume,  She ened up in camp after ward


 She is warm and friendly, yet she never loses when she should. She is very poliet and sweet. She is a talker, she loves talking. She doesn't really like flirting at all. It makes her feel queery when one flirtts with her. She is quite a joker, she hates losing as well, but she does not make a big deal about it, she just laughs it off,

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