Kaili Grace

Daughter of Fortuna

First Cohort

Roleplayed by: JaguarStar19

Kaili Grace
Birth Date June 23rd
Home Town New Rome
Godly Parent Fortuna
Age 18
Cohort First
Pet Her dog, Clover
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Height 6'5
Mother Fortuna
Father Simon Grace
Siblings Siblings-none. Half-siblings-Children of Fortuna
Goddess Fortuna
Cohort First


Kaili is very outgoing and bold. She's not afraid to state what she wants and doesn't care what other people think. She likes to take risks and doesn't care about the consequences. She's also quick to get angry, but quick to forgive.


Kaili's father, Simon, was a roman demigod son of Jupiter. He had just completed college and had moved back to New Rome to begin work as an architect when he met Fortuna. Fortuna, although knowing he was a demigod, decided not to tell him who she was. Simon saw Fortuna and was dazzled by her looks. He walked on over to her and made small talk, the chat turning into a date and then into a series of dates, resulting in Kaili. When Kaili was born, Fortuna told Simon that she was a roman goddess and so on so forth. Simon was surprised and along with his new baby girl Kaili, went to New Rome.

About 2 years after arriving in New Rome, he met a nice woman named Julie, whom he had once dated. They began dating again and eventually got married when Kaili was 3. Julie was the perfect mother, always playing with her and comforting her, and expecially reading Kaili's favorite bedtime story, Romulus and Remulus. Kaili grew to be a nice little 5 year old, full of energy and eager for the next thing. That was when Simon and Julie started telling Kaili about her real mother.

After the news, Kaili was shocked. It was a bit to much for her 5 year old mind, but eventually she grew to be ok with it. It was cool being a daughter of a goddess when your friends are not, and it gave her and advantage. At least she liked to think it did, although it really didn't. She grew until she was about 9, and then entered the legion. At first, she was a stickler for rules and didn't break any. Then she started taking risks. Sneaking out at night, missing patrol, you know smallish stuff. She eventually got bigger until she got so good at it people didn't even notice. She's been now at camp for 9 years.


Hometown New Rome
Type of Childhood Great
Earliest Memory The Feast of Fortuna

General InfoEdit

Likes The forest, nature
Fears Heights, Failure
Hobbies Climbing, Exploring
Comfort Food(s) Blackberries
Immediate Goals Finish up Camp
Long Term Goals Go to college




Pit bul

Clover is Kaili's faithful American pitbull. Kaili has owned Clover since she was 8. Clover follows Kaili around practically everywhere and is almost never seen without her.




Fortuna-Kaili has met her mother a couple times, and loves her very much.

Simon Grace-Kaili loves her dad and would do anything for him.

Julie Grace-Kaili loves Julie, her stepmother, and wishes only the best for her.



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