Kaylin Coast
Full Name Kaylin May Coast
Age 17
God Parent Venus
Friends None
Siblings Novella Falco (Half-Sister)

Julia Chikano (Half-Sister)

Skylar Nox (Half-Brother)

Non-Godly Parent Ma
Favorite Video Game {{{Row 7 info}}}
Favorite Movie {{{Row 8 info}}}
Favorite Color {{{Row 9 info}}}


Growing up with an always mad and drunk father and she began longing for love. When she was 9, she already had the feeling to kiss some of the boys in her class. By the time she was 11, she was already dating about 6 boys, at the same time. She was told that she was a nasty person and that she didn't deserve care. She then became forceful and rude, almost bloody. Then a year later, when she was 13, she was invited to Camp Jupiter. 


She loves to flirt with people and also loves to kiss other people's boyfriend. She tends to be rude and harsh, she also hates other people kissing. She will shove people away from each other when she saw people kissing and would kiss the boy, hoping for him to kiss her back. She also loves war and is a big fan of the War Games. 

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