Kiara Oswin Smith



Kiara Oswin Smith
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Birth Date December 21, 1996
Godly Parent Trivia( Goddess of Magic amd Crossroads)
Home Town Los Angeles
Hair Black Ombre Curly hair

Black with Brown flecks

Height -  5'6

Weight- 159

Mother Trivia
Father Damien Smith
Siblings None on her dad side. Mom siden she has 5 sisters
Cohort 5th Cohort

History- Edit

Daniel Smith and Trivia met by bumping into eachother on the streets of LA. Something happened a spark if you asked her dad. They dated for a while and evetuanly she was preagent with Kiara. She stayed until she was 6 months in which she turned her to Daniel. She never did tell him that she was a god but he understood that she had to leave. As she grew up she developed Dyslexia and ADHD. Even though Kiara had trouble in school she made up with that in social skills, her father even gave her reading glasses since she liked to read so much. 

During her childhood years she was picked on because of not having a mother sure enough she beat the kid up who said that about and has developed a fierce reputation of fighting which got her kicked out of many schools. During her junior year of high school she was targeted by a cyclops. It attacked while she was walking down the street one day, she was going to be killed by the beast until a wolf destroyed the monster. The wolf beckoned to have her follow and it lead her back to her house.

Her father told her about her true history of being a demigod to Trivia, at first Kiara was delusional but then it set in and she started to find it inevitavble that the monsters will come after her again she decided to go with the wolf to protect herself. When they left Daniel gave her a necklace the one she was going to get during her birthday. So she travels to the wolf house to train with Lupa for 3 months. Now she makes her way towards Camp Jupiter to find out her real family.


Kiara is a very nice girl once you get to her know her she comes off as a shy person but she tries to put herself out there to make herself feel comfortable. Once she has made friends she will protect them from anything but if she is betrayed she would cut you off quicker than a lumberjack. If someone talks about her she won't hesitate to confornt and maybe fight the person giving her agressive, crazy side. 


Kiara is mixed with black and ombre curly hair and paints her nails with silver or any other color. She's lean with a curvy and well developed body. Being very fit this also helps her in most physical activites. She does have a scar on her back which she recieved by getting stitches from a deep cut. She also has an abiltiy of free running giving her very differnent methods in travelling.


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