Leading For The Blind
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Chapter Two : Leaving SafetyEdit

Leaving your one true home, the place that you feel safe, is sometimes easier said than done.

Lucas jumped, but then he caught sight of his sister again. She was...laughing? He removed the finger from his lips carefully, casting a bemused look at his sister, who was clearly cracking up at his surprise. He then frowned, turning to face the perpetrator. It was Jaylyn, the daughter of Neptune who he had long had a rivalry with.

"Get off!" he snapped, causing her to retreat backwards. "Sorry..." he apologised hesitantly, seeing his sister's stern expression from over Jaylyn's shoulder. It was only then, that he realised what this must mean, glancing at Jason, a timid son of Nemesis and smiling at him.

"It's alright." Jaylyn murmured coldly, but something in her frigid ice blue eyes told him that it was not okay at all...and that she would get revenge. Eventually.

Laura glanced anxiously at the rising sun. "Everyone go get dressed. And sensibly, Lucas." she added pointedly. "Don't forget your weapons. Then we'll say our goodbyes."

"Goodbyes?" asked Lucas, in shock. His sister really did rush things. "This soon?"

"Of course. I'm serious."

"Of course you are." Lucas sighed dryly. He headed off to his cohort.

He pulled on a white t-shirt, followed by a scratchy woollen jumper, which happened to be grey. He found some greyish tracksuits and trainers, and put them on also. He hesitantly strapped his twin swords to his belt, and his daggers in his shoes.

He waved his goodbyes to his fellow cohort members, and it was safe to say tears were shed. Eventually he tore himself from the hugging, crying and good luck wishes, and left the cohort.

"I'm here."

Everyone was crying but him, and he too succumbed to the flowing tears as he walked out the gates of camp.

Possibly for the last time.

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