Roleplayed by: Fairy

Lillian Reynolds

Bacchus Tattoo

Daughter of Bacchus/Member of Ad æqualitate Mortalium


"Just one sip won't hurt, and if you like it. Why not just drink the whole thing?"
Lillian Reynolds
Age 19
Gender Female
Godly Parent Bacchus
Group Ad æqualitate Mortalium
Hair Color DarkRed
Eye Color Blue
Nationality Italian
Height 6'0
Weight 130
Status Alive
Relationship Staus Single
Family Bacchus -Father

Crystal -Mother

Other Children of Bacchus

Birthday October 6th
Affiliation Regere Juventute
Weapon Dagger


Lillian was born on October 6th, 1994 to Crystal Reynolds in Italy. Crystal owned a bakery in Italy, and she was very well known throughout the little town they lived in.

Lillian's father (or mother if it's Venus) told Crystal about Lillian, and about the gods and everything. And told her that she needed to teach Lillian the things so she would be able to survive.

When Lillian came into her life, it brought joy into her life. She raised Lillian to the best of her abilities, with help from her parents and also others. Lillian was a joy to the whole town.

Lillian learned how to bake, cook, sew, knit, dance, etc. She was the party starter and joy bringer to anything and everything, but it all crashed and burned when the town had been hit by a massive flood. And her mother was killed.

Lillian was angry, angry at the Gods for letting her mother die. She started to rebel, she used all the money that her mother had earned and bought a ticket to America, she then made her way to Camp Jupiter. But only to train and learn more, after that she left and joined the RJ.


Lillian has short, darkred hair and bright almond blue eyes. Her skin is white and smooth looking and she stands to about 6'0. She has a beautiful figure and is skinny, she looks like an angle, but looks can be deciving.


Lillian carries a dagger that is made from Imperial gold, it has a wooden hilt with a dragon design and rubies for the dragons eyes. It's a very nice dagger, and she takes good care of it.



Lillian is known to have a tough personality, she doesn't like people to push her around and will stand up for what she believes is right and what she believes in. If you push her buttons the wrong way or get on her bad side, there's no going back. She really dislikes people who aren't her friends, and you will never be safe around or near her ever.

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