Lily Reyna Vasilikis
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Blonde
Height Five feet,six inches
Gender Female
Birthday June 4
Age 15
Nationality Italian
Accent None
Language(s) Italian, English and Portuguese
Home Vasilikis Manor
Family Maya Vasilikis - half sister

Jupiter (father)

Handedness Right
Weapon Katana (twin with Maya's) Bow and Arrow
Cohort Second Cohorts
Title(s) Second Cohort Centurion, Daughter of Jupiter

About LilyEdit

Lily Reyna Vasilikis is a fifteen year old daughter of Jupiter of Italian ethnicity. She is in the Second Cohort and is one of its centurions along with her best friend Novella Falco.


Lune Vasilikis met Neptune in a nightclub in Cali— although she didn't know it at first. There was this muscly man in the middle of the dance floor, and so she waltzed over to him as if in some sort of trance. 

He lied that his name was Lovino, and he was on holiday from Italy for a short while. They danced all night, and got so drunk that neither remembered what had happened the next morning. Thus it was a shock to Lune when she found out she  was expecting.

Shortly after the birth, a video message of sorts flickered onto the nearby TV. The sight of the man's face triggered residual memories, and then she remembered it all. She named the single child Maya.

Soon after, she met a similar man, Jupiter, seemingly more muscly than the last. They didn't get drunk this time, so Lune held onto her memories. She named this child Lily.

They grew up together, but were rather distant, and happened to be apart when they were attacked at thirteen and ten years old. Maya had endured three other attacks and had been saved each time by their mother.

It was Joe, respected centurion of the first cohort, who brought Maya to camp— and it was less esteemed Jay of the second cohort who brought Lily, landing them in seperate cohorts.


Lily is timid and kind, except when around Maya, and acts kindly to everyone no matter what cohort they are in (unless said person is Maya), claiming that they are all the same, and rarely bears a grudge. She considers herself a little too much in Maya's shadow, and has a great love of thunder.


Lily is lax, wearing a casual style rather than her sister's strict sticking to the style. She is a little shorter than she would like, however she does have shortie pride! She is more fair skinned than her sister, and it burns easier so she tends to stay in the shade. She has blonde hair much unlike Maya's brown.

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