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Model List
Username Character(s) Faceclaim
TheLittleRabbit Rosalie Amoreaux Daniele Campbell
AliasKit Kyeo Ul Choi Kim So Eun
AliasKit Devon Hirtzel Devon Bostick
AliasKit Terrence Bennett Cole Pendery
AliasKit Alexis Ivanov Sam Claflin
AliasKit Fabien Vauclain Charlie Rowe
AliasKit Ruby Francheska Kingsley Georgie Henley
BeyondTheStars Alyse Eliana Vale Courtnee Draper
Carnarvan Brand Adkins Daryl Sabara
Ash Daniel Laurentis Jack Harries
Neo Connor Laurentis Finn Harries
Neo Kai Race Brent Rivera
Brit Ashleigh Comican Phoebe Tonkin

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