Loki Herondale
Vital statistics
Title Kaen
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 5'8
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Blue
Species Demi-god
Cohort First
Home New Rome
Weapon A number of throwing knives, two daggers named Hugin and Munin, two punch knives named Magni and Modi. All are forged from Imperial Gold, Celestial Bronze, and silver.
Handedness Ambidextrous
Family Alexandra Herondale ~ Adopted sister

Children of Prometheus ~ Half-siblings

Affiliation(s) First Cohort, Fourth Cohort [Through Alexandra]


Loki is a friendl young man, often going out of his way to help others, which often results in him being late for something or getting into trouble. He is very protective of Alexandra, and will start a fight with anyone who insults her, especially if it's because of the way she speaks.


Loki remembers nothing about his past. At least, nothing before Alexndra found him in the Woods of Diana when he was seven. The then six year old daughter of Vulcan found him unconcious, wearing torn, tattered and bloodstained clothes, and covered in cuts and slashes. The young girl ran for help, and told her mother that his name was 'Wildfire', referring to the Norse god of mischief, Loki. As they did not know his name, and could not ask him until he woke up, they decided that this was better than nothing. When Loki woke, however, they discovered that he remembered nothing about himself. After some discussion they agreed that 'Loki' was as good a name as any, and Alexandra's mother offered to take care of him until his memory returned, but when it became obvious that this was unlikely to happen he became Alexandra's adopted brother. The majority of his wounds healed cleanly, but some left scars, such as those on his face. Having spent most of his life as Alexndra's brother he came to learn of the reason behind her affliction, and is one of the few that know the reason for Bacchus cursing her. When he turned Fourteen Lupa sent her wolves for him, so she could prepare him for Camp Jupiter. He refused to return to New Rome without Alexandra, and so like her he has only recently returned.

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