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Bellona Tattoo

Always be yourself. If you're not being yourself, then you're doing something wrong.
Mackenzie Morisson
Age 12
Gender Female
Godly Parent Bellona
Cohort Fifth
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green/Gray
Nationality Scottish
Height 4'3
Weight 75 lbs.
Status Alive
Relationship Status Single
Family Bellona-Mother

Eric Morrisson-Father Other children of Bellona-Half-siblings

Birthday December 24th
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapon Imperial Gold Pilum and Gladius


+helpful, social
-gullible, doesn't listen to people

Mackenzie is a very talkative person. She likes to talk and if she had her way, she would never have to be quiet. She's also very responsible and really likes to help people. Unfortunately, she's also very gullible and at times doesn't listen to what people say.


Bellona met Mackenzie's father, Eric, in Scotland, where Eric lived. Bellona was just stopping by when she met Eric, a military solider. His smarts and military tactics caught Bellona's eye. She dressed herself up as one of Eric's soldiers to see if he had any good battle tactics and eventually fell head over heals in love. Unfortunately for her, Eric didn't feel the same way. So Bellona did something she thought she would never do: she went to Venus for help. Venus made it that would fall in love with her, but there was a catch. Venus would get to raise the child. Bellona, desperate for Eric to love her, agreed. And then Eric fell in love, and this lead to that and eventually, Mackenzie came into the world. Bellona, true to her promise, delivered the child to Venus.

Venus was delighted and decided to teach the child all her tricks. Mackenzie grew up thinking that Venus was her mother, not Bellona. She learned how to "dress to impress", flirt like an expert, apply makeup like nobody else could, and a bunch of other things that Mackenzie thought was worthless. She really lived only for one thing, and that was the small portion of the day when Mackenzie was free to do what she wanted. She spent it swimming, reading, and her favorite activity:hand-to hand combat. She excelled at this, and loved to do it.

When Mackenzie was 10, she was told who her real mother was and Bellona took her to the wolf house. Lupa, upon seeing her, told Bellona to take her stright to Camp Jupiter, where she now resides


Mackenzie uses an imperial gold pilum and gladius that was given to her by Bellona and Venus when she was six. The pilum can shrink into a small thing of lip gloss. Mackenzie normally uses the gladius, with the pilum for backup.

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