Matt Cassidy
Full Name Matt John Cassidy
God Parent Mars
Cohort Second
Age 17
Birthday September 21
Family Mona Cassidy (Mother)

Hana Cassidy (Sister)

Weapon Silver Sword with Emeralds Incrested in it


As a kid, Matt knew he was different. His mother was always frightened of him and kept Hana, his younger sister, as far away from him as possible. When he was 9, he became violent and started to attack his mother for not letting him have dessert. After that, he was left in his room, being sent meals three times a day. After 4 years, he was sick of it. He barged out of his room only to find his mother's body. Apparently she had a heart attack. Not knowing his father, the government had to take him to an orphanage. He was mad and killed Hana, stabbing her in the chest. This was only when he was 13 years old. Two weeks later, someone came to the orphanage and took him to Camp Jupiter.


Matt is a cruel and forceful person. He tends to have the need to hurt others and their feelings. He manipulates people and likes to kiss his friends' girlfriends. He loves harming people and laughs when ever he sees people getting hurt. It is said that he was responsible for his sister's death because of it. He also is very flirty, in a messed up, killer way.

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