~ Son of Waves ~
Noah Lucas
Age 18
Gender Male
Godly Parent Neptune
Cohort Fourth
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Nationality American
Height 6'2
Weight 120 lbs.
Status Alive
Relationship Status Single
Family Zoeh Lucas - Mother

Neptune - Father Other Children of Neptune - Half-siblings

Birthday August 24th
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapon Bow and Arrow


Noah is quite the person you can't describe in words. He is shown to be elusive and mysterious in personality and exterior. He believes that everyone has good in them, even if they hide it. Noah is probably the most loyal friend there can be. He can be protective towards his close ones, in fear of loosing them. When the situation goes wrong, he usually blames himself, thinking of the things he could've done to make circumstances better.


Noah was born to a daughter of Mars, Zoeh Lucas, and Neptune, god of the seas. Zoeh was living in California, working as a singer. Her voice was as soothing as the sea, which attracted Neptune. As they met one night, they instantly fell in love. After a couple of weeks of dating, one night, they finally did it. The next morning, Neptune had left Zoeh. She soon found out that she was pregnant, and decided to move to New Rome, for she served the Legion, and would be welcomed back. It would also mean that Noah would be safe, and protected.

Living in New Rome, Noah had a happy childhood. He never was attacked by any monsters, being in the borders of the city. When he came at the age of 17, he decided to go to the Wolf House, and train with Lupa. A few weeks later, he came back, and headed to Camp. Getting claimed by Neptune, Noah got welcomed to the Second Cohort...


Noah is an archer. He has an enchanted bow and arrow...

Neptune Tattoo


Jackson is quite tall, and muscular. He has dark hair and black/brown eyes.

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