Patience Smith
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Dark
Height 5'6
Weight 100 lbs
Gender Female
Birthday May 9th
Age 15
Species Demigod
Home Camp Jupiter
Cohort Third

Patience Smith
Member of the Third Cohort
This Character Belongs to Audrajoye


Patience -Third Cohort, Daughter of Bellona
"Better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life."

Hello, I'm Patience Smith, daughter of Bellona


Patience was born in Minnesota, near the Canadian border, she lived with her dad who a couple of years before she was born had served in the Military, her step-mother and her to little sisters.  A few years ago monsters had started showing up near her and attacking her.  She made her way to the wolf house and later to Camp Jupiter.


Patience has a very fiery temper.  She likes getting things her way and likes being the center of the fight. But can be calm and caring if she wants to be.


Patience has dark brown hair and pretty blue eyes.  She's average height but is pretty skinny and has long legs.


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