Rodrigo García
Son of Ceres
Basic Info
Gender male
Date of Birth 18th of september
Age 16
Cohort third
Family Ceres: mother
Status Alive
Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown
Height 5'12
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapons spear and dagger
Species Demigod
Home Madrid (formerly)
Camp (current)
Quests 0

Appearance: Dark short  hair and brown eyes

Personality: smart, discilinated, quiet, serious and wise. In battle he becomes agressive and impulsive.

History: His father died before he was born so he was sent to an orphanage but was quickly adopted by a single mother. His childhood wasn't very happy because he didn't really got well with the other kids being the freak of the class. On his 14th birthday a sphinx attacked him and his mother. Fortunetly he managed to survived and Lupa it's self toke him to the wolf house where he trained. He quickly learned all things Lupa taught and leaved to search camp jupiter.

Weapons: spear and dagger 

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