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History - Edit

Rosalie does not know who her father is and plans to keep it that way. She grew up in San Francisco with her adoptive parents, Darcy Amoreaux and Etienne Amoreux. She was left on the Amoreux's porch by her mother, Bellona on March 15. Rosalie doesn't speak about her past and is often mysterious. No one knows how she ended up at Camp Jupiter and no one dares to ask. Camp Jupiter has been her home since she was 13 and her parents have moved to New Rome just to be close to their daughter. 

Personality -Edit

She's mysterious and doesn't speak much about her feelings. She's a major flirt, a very popular girl among ther camper, but not because of her beauty. She's strong and confident. She quickly made her way through the ranks and now is the Centurion of the First Cohort. 

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