Ruby Francheska Kingsley
Daughter of Ceres
Basic Info
Gender female
Date of Birth July 10, 1997
Age 17
Cohort First Cohort
Family Juventas (mother)
Jonathan Kingsley (father)
Terrence Bennett (cousin)
Status alive
Eye Color hazel
Hair Color brown
Height 5'9"
Affiliation Camp Jupiter
Weapons Imperial Gold Parazonium
Species demigod
Home Great Britain
Quests none


Fran is a fashionista who cannot stop herself from commenting on other's fashion sense. She is frank and sometimes she appears to be rude when she says something negative. But her intentions are good. She critiques something or someone to help them improve and not to insult them. She is very meticulous and a perfectionist.


Fran is a British cousin of Terrence Bennett. Her father, Jonathan Kingsley, was a hard working director. While filming, the camera man unintentionally focused the camera on Juventa, a normal woman walking down the streets. Her beauty made them think she's the leading lady of the film. Jonathan instantly fell in love with her and dated her.

A year later, Fran was born and immediately Juventas left. Jonathan raised Fran up by himself. When Fran was five, she was diagnosed of dyslexia and ADHD.

Fran turned eleven and they had to go to America because the movie of her father would be filmed there. The filming took several months. A year passed and the filming still wasn't finished. Fran was home-schooled and one morning, Lupa's pack went to their home to finally get Fran.

Lupa trained her for almost a year then let her go out to find Camp Jupiter. Conquer or die.

Juventas Tattoo

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