Sofia McFang2

This Character is Roleplayed by: Cynderheart

Name:  Sofia McFang  Gender:  female  Age: 15   

Godly Parent : Apollo    Third Cohort 

Appearance: Brown hair and brown eyes 

Personality: Multiple personality

History:  She lives with her twin and her mother and stepdad every school year. She hates the teachers because they treat her and her brother very poorly. Her mother works both day and night so she rarely gets to see her.  Her Stepdad doesn't do anything but just lays on the couch being lazy she calls him a "Couch Patato".  Her twin brother is exsreamly annoying and he likes to prank her a lot.  She likes to be with her friends  Lizzy and Violet who are twin sisters and she thinks that they are very lucky to have each other. 

Weapons:  any kind as long as it's ballanced.  

Apollo Tattoo

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