Stephen Camden

Son of Neptune

Third Cohort

Roleplay by: Awesome

Stephen Alex Camden
Birth Date July 29
Home Town New York, New York, U.S.
Godly Parent Neptune
Age 17
Cohort Third
Pet N/A
Hair Brown
Eyes Black
Height 6'3
Mother Julia Camden
Father Neptune
Siblings N/A
Cohort Third Cohort
Neptune Tattoo


+caring, protective, good
-quiet, mysterious, arrogant

Stephen is a bit mysterious: never really sociallizing, doesn't really smile, usually wears dark clothes. People say he has dark secrets, but don't we all? Stephen tends to build a wall around him, blocking the world out, and thinks, just thinks. Underneath the cover, Stephen has a big heart and is there for anyone who needs his help or protection.


Julia Camden met Stephen's father at a funeral for her aunt. He influenced her to go out with him, and she did. They dated for about three months, before..... you know.

Stephen was born on July 29 to Julia Camden. Right after he was born, Stephen's mother, Julia, died from the birth and his father somehow vanished, so a nice couple, friends of Julia's who had always wanted a child, adopted him. Stephen had a happy, rich life.

One, fine summer day, though, at the supermarket, Meghan, the wife, was mugged and shot to death. Stephen and Bill, the husband, were deeply saddened by the loss, but Bill even more. He jumped to his death from a bridge, a year after Meghan died, leaving Stephen alone. Before the workers could send him to a foster home, he packed his things and ran. He was eleven at the time, and from then on, he lived as a street rat. He met others like him, whom he soon left, since he did not want to get too attached.

As he lived and stole, he kept seeing the same man over and over again, every shop, every alley, every restaurant, as if stalking him. Having enough of it, he confronted the man. The man quickly pushed him aside, and jumped, forming a full-grown centaur with twin swords in hand. There were a few empousai behind Stephen! The centaur tried to battle them, and he defeated them, but he died while fighting, his swords thrown up in the air. The hilt of one of the swords came down on the watching Stephen's head, knocking him out. He woke up being dragged by wolves to the Wolf House. He was trained there for a month, and got his own sword. He then, was sent off to Camp Jupiter.


Hometown New York, New York
Type of Childhood Difficult
Earliest Memory Meghan's funeral

General InfoEdit

Pets None
Likes Water, Gray days, Thrillers
Fears Loved ones dying again.
Hobbies Being Alone, Swimming, Surfing
Comfort Food(s) Lasagna, Homemade Cookies
Immediate Goals Learn to love again
Long Term Goals Become a marine biologist.








Name Relation Feelings
Neptune Father Never, ever met him
Julia Camden Mother Never really knew her
Meghan Adopted Mother Loved her like a mother
Bill Adopted Father Loved him like a father





  • His model is Matt Kane.
  • His favorite author is Stephen King...
  • His main weapon is a Celestial Bronze Sword.


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