Novella sat down on a log next to the fire. 'How long does it take for a girl to go to the bathroom...?' she thought. Willow had left to go to the bathroom and it had been around an hour.

Willow fell onto the sturdy roots of a large oak tree while gripping her head as it ached nonstop. Voices echoed inside her head and ghastly memories of the past flashed in front of her eyes. Suddenly a familiar voice ringed. You will save us all, Willow. That is your destiny. After the voice stopped, the pain stopped. She was gasping for air and she slowly walked back to the fire.

Novella saw Willow and waved but she had a look of worry on her face. "Are you okay, Willow?" she asked with a tone of concern. Willow nodded. "Yeah I'm fine... I'm just tired. I need to get some rest." Willow crept into her sleeping bag and almost immediately fell asleep. Novella smiled. "Goodnight. You'll need it." Novella then let fatigue overcome her.

Novella woke up as a cry of pain echoed through the forest. "Willow?!" she shouted. She rushed to Willow's side and saw her curled in a foetal position and screaming. She shook Willow's shoulders. "Get a hold of yourself!" she said. Novella then promptly slapped her and Willow seemed to stop, either in shock or fear. "I-It hurts so much... IT HURTS!" she cried. Tears were running down her face and her eyes were bloodshot. Novella was so scared because she didn't know what to do so she embraced Willow and let her cry on her shoulder. Willow fell asleep after a while and Novella left to get some more wood for the fire before setting off again.

Novella walked deeper into the woods, watching as the fire became further and further away till it disappeared from sight. Suddenly, a basilisk jumped out and Novella brought out her bow. "Hoc telum fascinare!" she said as she called out the runes on her bow. As soon as the last rune was called, her bow shone a golden glow and she shot an arrow at the basilisk. It shrieked in fury and pain and it ran off squealing. Novella was panting as that took up quite a bit of her energy so she gathered at lot of firewood while still being wary and she walked back to the fire to check on Willow.

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