The Vivid Daydreams
Genre: Fluff
Rating: Teen
Language: English
Status: Active
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Chapter One: The BoyEdit

Amber moved slowly through the darkness of her cohort, stepping lightly, and making sure to keep to the shadows, where the eagle eyed centurion could not see her. Metal bunks spanned the length of the building, and the sound of soft snoring and moving covers filled the air.

It was a wooden room, mahogany shining evidently even in the dim light. Amber reached the door; it was painted in a golden hue. On the outside, it glowed eerily, as if to show ‘great prestige’ as it was often called.

Amber reached for the handle and grasped it gingerly with one hand, looking anxiously at the centurion’s bed; she had finally fallen into a deep sleep, as if enchanted.

She pulled it to carefully, just wide enough to slip her thin frame through and embrace the scene outside. It was dry, although the grass was damp and dewy, the dew carrying a misty aura that Amber felt she had seen before.

She stopped by the tall, twisted elm, plucking a leaf happily and looking at the mysterious patterns that weaved themselves across its surface. She traced it with a single finger, feeling the little bumps brush gently against her skin. Pocketing the leaf, she smiled up at the moon that was floating serenely in the sky.

It shed silvery light upon her dark hair, leaving silvery stars to dance within it. And this is the beautiful sight that Oliver’s grey, stormy eyes feasted upon in the night- the night his eyes decided his future for him, which would be filled with more turmoil than ever.

He let out a moan of sadness as she walked off, oblivious to his presence, simply continuing her regular, supposedly secret night time stroll. She didn't know that she was being watched by the boy who featured as her husband, his lustrous gold hair shining, in so many of her vivid daydreams.

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