Roleplayed by: Time

Tristan Kerman
Vulcan Tattoo
Son of Vulcan/Member of the Fifth Cohort


"Many things can be seen and not heard, and many things can be heard but not seen."
Tristan Kerman
Age 15
Godly Parent Vulcan
Mortal Parent Maria Kerman
Cohort 5
Date of Birth September 3rd
Family Mother- Maria Kerman

Father- Vulcan

Sister- Sarah Kerman

Brother- William Kerman

Weapon(s) Imperial Gold Sword
Possessions Charm Bracelet

Beaded Bracelets

Abilities/Things good at Math (Very good)

Working with his hands


Fire Manipulation

Favorite Food/Drink Food- Cheese Burger

Drink- Blue Lemonade

Favorite Video Game(s) Super Mario Bros. 3

Mario Kart

Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Phoenix Wright 1-5

Favorite Sport Tennis
Sports Playing(ed) Tennis (Professional)

Soccer (Professional)

Swimming (Professional)

Friends None Yet
Home Denver, Colorado


Tristan was born to Maria, his mother was a single parent and had to raise Tristan all on their own. They had little money and lived in a run down apartment in the bad part of New York City, his mother worked two jobs. One in the morning/afternoon and one in the night/evening. Tristan was always being watched by babysitters and other people and never really spent time with his mother/father. 

When Tristan turned 12, he was walking home from school and was attacked by a Hellhound. He had to run instead of fight because he really had no idea what to do. There was a little voice in the back of his mind telling him were to turn and were to dodge and duck.

He managed to make it to the wolf house in time and the hellhound was killed by Lupa and her wolves. Tristan was deemed worthy to enter into CJ and he was put into the 5 cohort and was claimed by  Vulcan within the next few days, he had no idea were the letter came from in his backpack and he really had no idea what it said. He had never studied Latin in his life.


Tristan has a fun, trigger happy personality. He loves to get his hands dirty and doesn't mind acting like a dork. He enjoys working on things and making things, he also loves to train and hunt and practices that almost every chance he can get.

But Tristan also has a slight edge to him, if you push his buttons wrong or say something he doesn't like. He'll snap at you and call you names and really hurt you deeply. 


Tristan has tanned skin, brown eyes and dark brown hair that is short and a little spiky. He stands to about 5'6.



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