Age 16
Godly Parent Pluto
Cohort Fourth
Height 5'8
Weight 123 lbs
Birthday June 24th

Pluto Tattoo


Virgil is withdrawn, and avoids others as much as possible. He can be aggressive when provoked, but if you can become his friend he's the kind of person that would go to the ends of the earth and beyond for you. He'll answer if you speak to him, but he won't say more than he needs to.


Virgil was born and raised in the Italian countryside, quite close to Rome itself. His mother’s family were an old one, and were quite wealthy, owning a large estate. Much to everyone’s surprise he was incredibly pale when he was born, and has never tanned, no matter how long he spends in the sun. Even when growing up he was never a social child, and never had many friends. As was tradition in his family he was taught to fight, and he proved quite adept. When he was twelve his father sent a servant, a shade, to guide him to Camp Jupiter and to give him his weapon, a journey longer than most Demi-gods had to make. During his time at Camp Jupiter he managed to drive away anyone that would try to be his friend, and has even avoided his siblings.


Virgil has a single earring, twisted silver, which he wears in his right ear. He also a spear of a Celestial Bronze/Imperial Gold alloy that can change into a scythe. While in it's spear form it can retact to size relative to a hunting knife, and he often keeps it hanging from a holster on his belt. On the head of the spear is inscribed its name, Azrael, and on the shaft is the phrase 'Ave atque Vale', meaning 'Hail and Farewell'.




Spear Retracted


Silver earring

Twisted silver earring

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