Willow Vega
Member of the First Cohort
Daughter of Pluto
(This Character Belongs to Moonlit Castle)

Willow Vega
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height Average
Weight Average
Gender Female
Birthday {{{row 6 info}}}
Age 16
Species Demigod
Nationality American
Accent New Yorker
Home Camp Jupiter
Family Pluto (Father)

Janet Vega (Mother)

Handedness Right
Weapon Staff
Cohort First Cohort


Willow was born in a very wealthy part of Manhattan to her mother, Janet Vega, and Pluto. Pluto had taken the form of a handsome young man that Janet met while at a party. He chatted her up and they spent the night together at a hotel where Pluto was staying. They started dating for a while till Janet realised she was pregnant and then they spent 9 more months together till Willow was born. For Pluto, it was one of the happiest days of his life but for Janet, it made her a bit miserable. She didn't have the time to look after a child till Pluto was leaving and he left her a gift of money to help her change her life and Willow's life. Willow grew up liking stuff like the Dark Arts and Necromancy which worried Janet quite a bit. Willow was always bullied at school for being a 'loner' or a 'gothic freak' which made her think that she never quite fit in anywhere so when she went to new places, she always ignored people. A small black dog sent by Pluto, guided Willow to Camp Jupiter where Janet thought that was the best place for her.


Willow is a silent person. She does not like talking to people much and as such she does not talk much at all. When aggravated, she can get very scary and angry so be warned.


Willow has straight black hair that sometimes has a bit of a curl in it. She has pale skin and brown eyes. She is quite beautiful but does not really like to show her face so she has half of her face covered by her hair.


Pluto Tattoo


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