"Я должен танцевать, я должен чувствовать себя живым."
Екатерина Соколова-Лебедева
Eyes Light Green
Hair Blond
Skin Fair
Height 5 feet, 1 inch
Gender Female
Birthday December 2th
Age 15
Nationality American
Accent Oregonian
Languages Russian, English
Home Portland, Oregon
Family Natalya Lebedeva (Adoptive mother)

Yulianna Sokolova (Adoptive mother)

Handedness Ambidextrous
Weapon Spear
Cohort Fifth Cohort

Katie Sokolova-Lebedeva

Member of the Fifth Cohort

~ Roleplayed by Rabbitty ~

Yekaterina Yuliannaovna Natalyaovna Sokolova-Lebedeva (Екатерина Юлианнаовна Натальяовна Соколова-Лебедева), born Zhanna Vorobyova (Жанна Воробьёва), known as Katya (Катя) and Katie, is a 15-year-old Russian/Oregonian demigod, daughter of Aquilon.


Zhanna Vorobyova was born in Russia. Her mortal parent, Elena Vorobyova (Елена Воробьёва) was young, poor, and in no possession to raise a little girl, so Zhanna was given up for adoption. Little Zhanna lived in a Russian orphanage until she was almost 6. Then, her lucky day came. Two Russian-American women adopted her, Natalya Lebedeva (Наталья Лебедева) and Yulianna Sokolova (Юлианна Соколова). Yulianna had been born in Russia too, but moved to America as an adult, while Natalya had been born in America of Russian decent. When she was adopted, her new moms changed her name to Yekaterina Sokolova-Lebedeva. She was taken to America, just in time for her 6th birthday.

At the orphanage, her favorite story was one about Anna Pavlova, and often told herself that if she ever got adopted, she'd be a ballerina like her. So she asked her moms if she could take dance class, and they signed her up. Katie loved it. Of course, most little girls take ballet at some point, then move on to some other interest. Not so with Katie. She stuck with it.

She didn't do so well in school, with English being her second language, and being dyslexic. She didn't have any friend there either (her ballet friends went to a different school). But she had good parents and ballet was good, so it evened out.

Katie always find school unpleasant but never deadly. That all changed. When she got home, she told her moms but they didn't believe her, and thought she was just being dramatic. But she was so upset that they agreed to take her out; it was almost summer anyways, missing a week and a half would be ok. For the next year, her ballet teacher suggested independent study, so she's have more time for dancing. Katie got so upset at the idea of going back to school, so her parents agreed.

That summer after that, they took a road trip to California, and when she was there, wolves came. They led Katie to the wolf house, and from there Lupa sent her to camp once she thought she was good enough.


Katie keeps to herself, quiet, brooding. She don't dislike people but she doesn't need them either, she does fine by herself. She's rather reserved, to put it nicely, or cold, to be honest. She's a perfectionist, and very self-critical, always pushing herself to the limit — it doesn't matter if no one else expects if of her, she expects it of herself. Most stuff Katie just brushes off, but when something does upset her she gets really hurt.


Katie has long, straight, fair blond hair. Her eyes are a light, minty green. Katie is short, and of a slender build. She is surprisingly flexible and strong, from dancing. Ballet has made feet battered, blistered, bloody and callused. On her forearm she has a Roman tattoo, the letters SPQR, a symbol of her father Aquilon Tattoo and one line, for her year of service in the legion.


Natalya Lebedeva & Yulianna Sokolova
Katie loves both her mothers dearly. They let her be the person she is, not trying to force her to be outgoing. She don't care that she's not related to them biologically, they are her family, something that the people who abandoned her never were.



  • She lost most of her Russian accent pretty quickly, but since they mostly spoke Russian at home it lingered a tiny bit. The Russian in her accent can still be heard a little if you listen carefully. And it comes back clearly when she speaks Russian.
  • She doesn't let anyone but her mothers call her Katya.

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