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Vulcan Tattoo

Success is the product of hard work.
Zach Walter
Age 17
Gender Male
Godly Parent Vulcan
Cohort Fifth 
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Brown
Nationality  Indian
Height 5'7
Weight 150 lbs.
Status Alive
Relationship Status Single
Family Vulcan - Dad
Birthday December 24th
Affiliation  Camp Jupiter
Weapon An anvil pendant that turns into two Imperial Gold Swords and armor


Zach is a person who likes to be a leader. He is a very disciplined officer in the Roman ranks but outside of military buisness, he can be a very outgoing, relaxed, and nice person.


Zach was born in Houston, Texas. He was raised by a single mother and he never knew who his father was. One day, he came home from school and found his mom with two imperial gold swords and a suit of armor. His mom didn't tell him saying that he would find out when he was older.

When Zach was 17 years old, a monster attacked his house. With the help of a mysterious wolf, he was able to escape. Shortly after, his mom told him about his birth and who he is. She gave him a necklace with a lightning bolt pendant on it and told him that if he was in danger, he could tap the necklace and it would transform into the two swords and suit of armor. The wolf returned the next day, and much to Zach's surprise, telepathicly told him to follow her. His mom told him to do so since it was his destiny. The wolf took him to the Wolf House where he was trained to near perfection in the mastery of his powers and sword fighting abilities. Soon after, the wolves sent him to Camp Jupiter.


Vulcan gave Zach a golden necklace with a golden anvil pendant designed by Vulcan himself which turned into a suit of armor and two imperial gold swords. Both are enchanted with magic so that they repair themselves and can blend in with nearby surroundings at will, but the longer that Zach blends the more energy he uses.

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